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The X-pelled Mutant Academy "Let each become what they are capable of being."
A Message From Director Dr. Carolina Mitchell

Devoted to a vision of excellence in educational and persona maturation, The X-pelled Academy exists to help youthful mutants to defy the hasty classification by which mutants are often stigmatized. Being born with a mutated chromosome has not only made you a mutant, it has made you unique. Yet, as a citizen of an often harsh and unforgiving world, your uniqueness is often overlooked due to ignorant prejudices. In the blind eye of fear and misunderstanding, the few are indicative to the many, and many are misrepresented by the few.

Thanks to the detrimental thoughts of the majority and the easiness of judging before understanding, we all suffer from the consequences of ignorance. In turn, the detrimental actions of a select number of mutants throughout history have also forced others like yourself to suffer the wrath of public opinion for their sins.

Fortunately, the X-pelled Mutant Academy accepts the global responsibility to take care of and reform our own.

Who might you be? Has your poorly thought out actions crossed paths with local law enforcement? Has your careless behavior resulted in imprisonment? Are you an outcast because of your mutated features, always thinking of yourself as a monster? Are your powers overwhelming you, causing you to be a danger to those around you despite your best efforts? As a student here at the X-pelled Academy, you will determine your outcome. You are the catalyst of your future change. Let each become what they are capable of being.

On behalf of myself and our exceptional staff of instructors, I welcome you to the halls of X-pelled Mutant Academy.